Tudela Landscape of the Cap de Creus

Paratge de Tudela

Tudela Landscape of the Cap de Creus

Paratge de Tudela

What can you discover in Cap Creus Natural Park?
Tudela site, impressive geology and Dali’s inspirations!
TUDELA’S Cap de Creus Natural Park tour is a guided visit through the Natural Reserve in Cap de Creus, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean places where the geology and nature come together to kiss the sea.
What does Tudela mean? Where does the name come from? Why can we call this geological miracle a “ cyclical place”?

We start in Cap de Creus Tudela’s Entry and along the road, we will discover the stories of the fishermen and sailors who inhabited this region, but also the heritage of their ancestors, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans who knew well this peninsula: some of their ships are still under the sea nearby.

Besides the history of the Cap de Creus, we’ll get through the natural treasures offered by mineralogy and geology and we’ll witness the deep connection existing between the wild beauty of this site and the life and artwork of Salvador Dalí. In this place so special, the geology is present during the whole route, with the astonishing wealth of shapes that inspired many Dali’s masterpieces, such as: “ The Great Masturbator”, “The crux of the desire” or “The Desire”.

Walking along that road shall allow us to better understand how the forces of nature slowly created this unique landscape. Through its incredible geology, we will go back thousands of years beyond the time when Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans navigated this sea and left their mark.

We will jump to the surrealist season, then to the 60s when the Club Med Resort was built in the Tudela site, flourishing for a few years and ending up being demolished to reestablish the natural beauty of the area.

What inspired Salvador Dalí? What did he found in this place? What did Club Med mean?

This route will enable us to answer all those questions, from the birth of this wild moonlike landscape to its nature, the environment changes, the culture animating the place, the life and artworks of Salvador Dalí.

Enjoy this place with Rutes Cadaqués! 🙂

Language: English

Place: Tudela Landscape - Cap de Creus

Province: Girona

Country: Spain

Activity level: Light

Duration Service: 3 hours

Price EU - Euro: 16 €. ( for groups of 5 people, individual or other groups just demand)


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Dont' forget Comfortable shoes, hat, water, fruit, sunscreen, anti-mosquito and desire to imagine.

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