Walking on the moon

Walking on the moon


It is a hiking route that crosses the area of ​​the villages buried by the lava flows from the eruptions of 1730-1736.

A walk through the Volcanes Natural Park to know the area affected by the historic eruptions of Lanzarote.

Where there was destruction, life was reborn among rocks and volcanic ash. There is something that, after more than 3 centuries, still impacts us and fills us with good vibes. What’s that? Find out with one of these tours.


From our meeting point we head towards the first volcano that started the longest eruptions in the whole of the Canary Islands, El Cuervo volcano. We walk around the crater discovering unique landscapes such as peculiar the badlands (malpaís) of the Volcanoes Natural Park or the valley of La Geria.

A walk on volcanic ash that allows us to discover the main geological characteristics of the area, the history of historical eruptions and how the island could be reborn after 6 years of destruction.

We finished the adventure by entering the crater of the volcano to understand how the magma was able to break up a part of the volcano and reach the outside, giving shape to what in Lanzarote is called «malpais«.


This is the volcano that ended the eruptions in April 1736.

It is located in a strategic position in the Natural Park of the Volcanoes, because it allows us to discover particular volcanic cones, in addition to making us understand how lichens can grow on lava and then give way to new plants.

Have you ever seen a volcanic bomb up close?

With this experience you will be able to see one of the largest in Lanzarote, and learn how they are formed and what their characteristics are from a geological point of view.

Language: English

Place: Lanzarote

Province: Las Palmas

Country: Spain

Activity level: Light

Duration Service: 2 hours

Price EU - Euro: 35


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