The medieval village of Besalú

Besalú guided tour

We propose a trip to the Middle Age. Besalú, a town in the Garrotxa region, was a fortress between two rivers: the Fluvià in the south and the Capellades in the north. Exhibits an architectural and urban structure which is in complete harmony with its medieval past. The bridge, the Miqvé (Jewish baths), the church of the Sant Pere Monastery and the old Hospital of Sant Julià, the Cornellà house, the church of Sant Vicenç and the Gothic Hall of the Palace of Cúria Reial…

One of the surprises that we have discovered in Besalú has been the Museum of the Miniatures that exhibits pieces 100,000 smaller times than the original model. Provided with a magnifying glass and sometimes of a microscope, we will discover a caravan of camels in the eye of a needle, the Sagrada Familia in a pinhead and other works that form part of an impossible world.

This tour can be completed with Girona city, or Dali,s museum Figueras or the castle of Púbol.

Language: Anglès

Place: Besalú

Province: Girona

Country: Spain

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