Tarragona , Roman and medieval History

Tarragona guided tour

The city located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, reveals us its medieval and Roman legacy.

Our tour takes us by the archaeological site known at the roman period as Colonia Julia Urbs Triumphalis Tarraco, the most splendid one of Citerior Hispania: the Roman Wall, the Forum, the Circus, the amphitheater and the Roman aqueduct.

In the upper city we will visit the Saint Mary’s Cathedral with Gothic and Romanesque elements and we will arrive to the Mediterranean’s Balcony.

After lunch and coming back to Barcelona we are going to pass by some modernism buildings spread in the country side built by Josep Maria Jujol, one of the most important architects working with Gaudí.

Language: Anglès

Place: Tarragona

Province: Tarragona

Country: Spain

Activity level: Apte per a tothom

Duration Service: Duration approximately: 9 hours.

Price EU - Euro: Price chauffered transport + guide 1 to 3 people 795 € / Price Minivan with driver + Guide up to 6 people 815 € / Extra hour Car + Guide 100 €


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