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Even that not everybody connect Jewish with Spain, the Jewish history is part of us too. During 1.500 years, Sephardic Jewish live as spanish in a land that it was their home too.
From the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, till 1492 with the expelling of muslims, Jewish culture live side by side with the spanish one, living it’s imprint in lenguaje, cocking, religious rituals and names.
As in many other places and times, all this became prohibited, undercover and almost disappears til the second half of the s.XX, when little by little we begging to rediscover this part of our legacy.

Barcelona was one of the main cities around Spain for Jewish, and walking through the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter we can discover part of this almost forget part of the history.
Came with me so i can explain you all about them. As part of the visit, we will visit too the museum dedicated to their history (Museu del Call) and finally, a real peace of the antic community inside the old Major Synagogue.

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