Rotherhithe and Greenwich: the fishing and sailors’ villages

Greenwich guided tour by Jordi Briz

Rotherhithe and Greenwich: the fishing and sailors’ villages

Greenwich guided tour by Jordi Briz

Atenció futurs visitants de Londres: els que vulgueu podeu fer aquest tour en Català, Espanyol, Francès. Italià o Portuguès.
Però, oi que voleu aprendre i practicar una mica l’ Angles?. Doncs, vinga, que us ajudo!

Villages again!. Of course, Greater London is the result of an amalgamation of historic villages around the old City (of London). And we still can recognise those historical villages. Not many visitors reach these areas, many Londoners never visit them…As for the sailors and the fishermen, I will tell the history… during the tour. Promised!.

What about, first of all, after meeting up, jumping onto one of London’s double-decker heading for ROTHERHITHE. Old wharves, old taverns (THE MAYFLOWER), old stories (Pilgrim Fathers, of course), old engineering feats (that’s a surprise)… You are in the middle of the largest port in the world (back in 1914).

Once in Greenwich, it’s a story of wharves, cranes and dockers, Pirates, smugglers… Shipbuilding, trade, exploration… Adventure and colonisation… Exploration of the seas… And a former Royal palace, where, the Greenwich Pensioners resided, where NATO officers were trained, where Henry VIII was born, where Francis Drake became Sir Francis.
Lovely river walks and land views, charming pubs, and shops and markets… And, for you, after our tour, amazing museums (Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, Maritime Museum, Fan Museum, yes, even a Fan Museum!), park walks…

Language: English

Place: Rotherhithe - Greenwich

Province: London

Country: United Kingdom

Activity level: Suitable for everyone

Duration Service: 5 hours

Price GBP - British pound: £25 pp in a group of two (minimum) - £20 pp in a group of 3,4,5 - £15 pp in a group of 6,7,8 (max)

Accessibility: Wheelchair users
People with reduced mobility

Service Schedule:

Meeting place and time: TOWER HILL TUBE STATION. 9 am. 2 pm

Not included:

Consult: public transport tickets, meals and refreshments on route.

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