Industrial and modernist route

Ruta modernisme industrial a Terrassa

Industrial and Modernist Terrassa Route

In the mid-nineteenth, Terrassa was one of the leading towns in the industrial revolution in Catalonia and Spain. The growth of the town was spectacular, the scenery was filled with factories, warehouses, dwellings for workers and manufacturers, buildings for services centres used institutions, leisure spaces and the like.

The industrial bourgeoisie fostered cultural movements such as Art Nouveau. Walking around the city and guided by skilled professionals, the visitor will discover the most complete Modernist complex in the world applied to industrial architecture like a bourgeoisie house “Casa Alegre de Sagrera”, an ancient factory nowadays the “Science and Technological Museum of Catalonia” and the “Masia Freixa”, a family residence.

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Place: Terrassa

Province: Barcelona

Country: Spain

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