History anf flavours in Prades and Capafonts

Guided tour - Prades and Capafonts - Mari Carmen Granados

History anf flavours in Prades and Capafonts

Guided tour - Prades and Capafonts - Mari Carmen Granados

Prades Mountains are a natural area located in Baix Camp region and in nearby Costa Dorada. Their proximity to the sea, only 30 km away, gives them their name ‘Mountains of Costa Dorada’.

The typical Mediterranean forest is full of beautiful landscapes: mountains, forests, pools and streams, gorges with impressive views of the sea….The quiet roads lead us into the mountains and take us to discover small villages full of charm and traditions.

We will visit two of these villages to learn about their history, heritage and the flavours of their most typical products.


We will meet in the small village of Capafonts. With 124 inhabitants it is one of the most authentic villages in the region. It is situated in the heart of Prades Mountains, on a hill 751 metres above sea level. This charming village preserves several elements of historical interest such as the bread oven documented since the 13th century.

We will then go to Prades, known as the “vila vermella” red village, for its monuments made of “sauló”, the reddish stone characteristic of these mountains. Prades is 7 km from Capafonts and its important past reveals the reason why it has given its name to these mountains.

In the 14th century, king James II created the county of Prades, a territory that extended over these mountains and beyond. Counts of Prades resided in this village, which became significantly rich and prosperous.

Currently, Prades has about 600 inhabitants and is a well-known tourist destination for its quiet and natural environment, ideal for families with children or any visitor looking for calm. It stands out for its medieval heritage such as the Gothic church of Santa Maria, the main square, the Renaissance fountain, the remains of the wall and medieval portals. Prades is also a very dynamic town, as it knows how to preserve its traditions and popular festivals: We can coincide with several festivals throughout the year, such as the Thyme Festival in the end of May, the Wine and Cava Festival in July, the Potato Festival in September or the Patron Saint Festival of Santa Florentina, in October.

We will finish the guided tour of Prades tasting the typical products of these mountains: wine, potato crisps, arbequina olives, goat cheese and sausage.

Language: English

Place: Prades

Province: Tarragona

Country: Spain

Activity level: Light

Duration Service: 3 hours

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Entrance to the Capafonts oven and tasting.
The transfer from Capafonts to Prades is done with the visitors’ own vehicles, or group coach, following the guide.

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Author: M.Carme Granados

El meu nom és M. Carme Granados i sóc de Reus. La meva passió per les humanitats em va portar a cursar la llicenciatura d’Història de l’Art a la Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Més tard vaig tenir ocasió d’especialitzar-me cursant el Màster Oficial en Gestió del Patrimoni Cultural de la Universitat de Barcelona. La importància del turisme per a la valoració i la conservació de la nostra cultura i per a la dinamització econòmica i social que desenvolupa, em va dur a orientar la meva carrera professional cap aquest camp. Així doncs, què millor que ser guia turística per viure de prop l’art, la cultura i la història i, poder així, transmetre-les als visitants. He treballat com a monitora de tallers infantils i sènior, com guia i informadora de museus i altres centres culturals, també he tingut ocasió de treballar en la gestió d’alguns museus i evidentment, com a guia turística especialitzada en la província de Tarragona.