Discovering the northern area of Lanzarote with Jon Bilbao, local and international guide

Visita guiada Lanzarote - Jon Bilbao

Discovering the northern area of Lanzarote with Jon Bilbao, local and international guide

Visita guiada Lanzarote - Jon Bilbao

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In a new ‘Your local guides’ expedition we land on the island of Lanzarote with the aim of really getting to know the island. We’re doing this with the help and expertise of three professional tour guides with many years of experience in their field.

Our host for the north of the island is Jon Bilbao, an experienced tour guide specializing in companies, conferences and small, exclusive groups in the Canary Islands, Spain and also internationally. Amongst Jon’s many well-known clients is the great Stephen Hawking.

The meeting point is the car park at the Cesar Manrique Foundation at Tahiche. As it’s a small group Jon suggests we go in one vehicle. This way Jon can give us all lots of information and answer all of our questions in more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

In conversations previous to the trip, Jon suggested that we apply in advance to the local authorities for the passes to the Centres of Art Culture and Tourism and the Cesar Manrique Foundation in order to avoid any unnecessary delays when we arrive…….so… we’re all set to go! 🙂

Cueva de los Verdes
La Cueva de los Verdes

We don’t waste any time. We head directly northbound so we can be the first visitors of the day to arrive at Las Cuevas de los Verdes situated in the north-east of the island. It’s such a luxury to have the caves to ourselves! It’s a natural marvel composed of magnificent galleries formed by a five thousand year old lava flow. Deep inside the tunnel a breathtaking surprise awaits us… 😉

Half a mile down the road from Las Cuevas, towards the coast is Los Jameos del Agua- the same tunnel but a completely different style. Here the collapsed roof of the tunnel, the natural waters flowing in from the sea and the artistic intervention of the great Cesar Manrique contribute to a magical visit.

Jameos del Agua - Lanzarote
Jameos del Agua

Here in Los Jameos del Agua Jon clearly explains and stresses the importance of maintaining and protecting the island’s character together with the impact of tourism as Cesar Manrique did through his architectural and artistic legacy.

Agua filtrada - Water
Natural water of rain purification

We’re all completely captivated by Jon’s explanations and historical knowledge along with his amusing anecdotes taken from his own experiences as a tour guide….. He is a mine of information and so very amusing…  😉

At each place we visit Jon transports us into another world. On our journey around the north, attention is paid to every detail: the Mirador del Rio, Cesar Manrique’s beautiful house and atelier in Haria (where the artist lived during the last four years of his life) the views of Famara from the Ermita de las Nieves (just by the highest point on the island)…

Jardín de Cactus - Lanzarote
Jardín de Cactus, Guatiza

In the afternoon after a short stay in the beautiful old capital of Teguise, where we sample the island’s local delights, we visit two more very different centres where Manrique has left his mark;
The Cactus Garden and the Cesar Manrique Foundation. Pure excellence! 🙂

To conclude: an outstanding visit with a smashing guide, completely committed to his profession!!!

We’d like to thank Jon Bilbao for his time, dedication, and his confidence in the digital platform: and for sharing his experience and knowledge of Lanzarote with Yourlocalguides Experience.

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Thanks Jon !!! 🙂