Differences between discovering a city through a guided tour with an official tourism guide and doing it for free

With or whithout a local guide ?

22/04/18 | news | GuidedTour, LocalGuide, culture, discover, history

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A guided tour with an official tourist guide can be used to discover aspects of a city that you could never have been able to explore on your own. There are many ways to focus on a trip and everyone has their own way of enjoying it.

Those of you who are adventurous surely think that the pleasure of getting to know a new destination is to do it ‘freely’. For example, let the times happen and be unique without encotillar the experience in a previously planned route. To find out the essence of an unknown place can transport to unrepeatable experiences. Being self-taught in these cases is a valid option as well as any other.

However, you are also those who do not want to escape a single detail of the populations that you leave behind. Those you need to feel that you have taken full advantage of your time once you are back home.

For you, that you do not like leaving nothing to improvisation, a guided tour with an official tourism guide is what you really need. Hiring these services that we are talking about brings a lot of advantages that we should not overlook. Throughout this entry we mention some of them so that you can balance the two possibilities and stay with the one that most convinces you.

Advantages of hiring a guided tour with an official tourism guide:

Let yourself be led by the tour guides that will allow you to see many things in a short time. You have been distracted by interpreting maps or by going around to find the place you are looking for. If you put it in your hands, you will be on the right and you will be able to better manage the hours you are planning to spend at your destination.

Especially when you have not had enough time to prepare the trip. In these cases, it is advisable to opt for this service that we are talking about to get more out of the experience. Additionally, these professionals have the training and knowledge that will be made available to you, so you can discover details that might have escaped when you go on your own.

Perhaps your stay will take a little bit in relation to what you will invest if you move for free. However, in many cities it is easy to find free tours that the competent bodies in the field of tourism make available to visitors.

You will get interesting information about the place in relation to its history, its culture, its traditions, its customs, its art or its political system. On a personal level, it will make the visit more enriching. If this is the first time you travel to this destination, our guided tours will allow you to get to know it as thoroughly as possible.

They are ideal for short trips in which time is gold. And if you are in an area where there is some insecurity, this professional will know where to take you to find yourself safe and do not worry. A guided tour with an official tourism guide is, in short, a great way to travel with the guarantee that everything will go as you expected.