Airbus opens its doors in Toulouse-Blagnac at Yourlocalguides Experience

Concorde Aeroscopia Toulouse

This Yourlocalguides Experience is ‘aero special’! 🙂 It takes place in the central and assembly facilities of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, as well as in the Aeroscopia museum near Toulouse-Blagnac airport. A few days before, we contacted Manatou … [ + ]

Differences between discovering a city through a guided tour with an official tourism guide and doing it for free

With or whithout a local guide ?

#guidedtour #officialtouristguide #discover #cities A guided tour with an official tourist guide can be used to discover aspects of a city that you could never have been able to explore on your own. There are many ways to focus on a trip and everyone h … [ + ]

Save money and queues thanks to your tour guide

Visita guiada con guĂ­a oficial

A guided tour by an official tour guide is one of the best options for you to save on your trip. If it is about discovering the destination and getting the most out of your time in any city, this option is the most appropriate to achieve it. But, in ad … [ + ]

Discovering the northern area of Lanzarote with Jon Bilbao, local and international guide

Visita guiada Lanzarote - Jon Bilbao

In a new ‘Your local guides’ expedition we land on the island of Lanzarote with the aim of really getting to know the island. We’re doing this with the help and expertise of three professional tour guides with many years of experience in their field. O … [ + ]

30 August, 2016


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Best with a local guide! 🙂

Grupo con guia de turismo

Hello! It is now easier to hire the services of an official guide to visitors. You only need to look for the desired visit and communicate directly with the corresponding guide to comment before all the details you need. Enhance the experience of your … [ + ]