Airbus opens its doors in Toulouse-Blagnac at Yourlocalguides Experience

Concorde Aeroscopia Toulouse

Airbus opens its doors in Toulouse-Blagnac at Yourlocalguides Experience

Concorde Aeroscopia Toulouse

01/09/19 | news | Aeroscopia, Airbus, GuidedTour, Toulouse, aerospace

This Yourlocalguides Experience is ‘aero special’! πŸ™‚ It takes place in the central and assembly facilities of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, as well as in the Aeroscopia museum near Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

A few days before, we contacted Manatour, an agency specialized in French industrial guided experiences that has the concession for Aeroscopia and Airbus, to inform them of our interest in knowing their work in these venues. The communication was very fluid and easy, opening several combinations of visits and languages (French, English, Spanish,…). Both parties agreed that Let’s visit AIRBUS A350 XWD and the Aeroscopia museum would be a very complete experience to share with all of you. πŸ™‚

Visite guidee AIRBUS A350 XWB Toulouse
To take the guided tour on Airbus, you must present your ID card or passport.

We introduce ourselves about 30 minutes before the scheduled guided tour to contact the team and to be credited quietly. We also take the opportunity to go to the service before starting the guided tour, which lasts about 1 hour and a half around the airport where all the industrial areas of Airbus in Toulouse are located.

The group with the grey A350 XWB accreditation is informed punctually by loudspeaker and the guide presents itself, before accompanying us to the bus, where it will narrate all the information and curiosities included in the industrial tour. On this guided tour, within the Airbus facilities, it is completely forbidden to take (and even less to publish) photographs or videos. We open our eyes wide! πŸ˜‰

Bus guide tour AIRBUS Toulouse
The tour of Airbus facilities in Toulouse-Blagnac is by bus.

If you do the tour you will learn many aspects of the aircraft manufacturing process, the professionals involved, the latest materials used, which are the aircraft that carry parts of aircraft, the maximum distance they can currently fly, how aircraft are painted, which are the last components that are mounted on a new aircraft, …Β  An endless amount of new information that helps to understand the manufacture of aeroplanes.

The language used by the guide is suitable for all audiences and ages. So we encourage you to visit Airbus when you pass through Toulouse! πŸ™‚

The bus makes a single stop where the group descends to visit the final assembly line of the A350 XWB, i.e. where fuselage, wings, tails, etc. are joined… except for engines that are made in another specialised hangar. From raised showcases, you can see the enormous complexity and engineering behind the assembly of aircraft. They show us some real samples of pieces that join the different parts of the plane and through some videos, we see the whole process.

The 10-15 minutes destined to observe indirect this industrial phase fly by. πŸ˜‰

Back to Aeroscopia, we see at a medium distance a multitude of aeroplanes in the test phase, before being delivered to customers, of all colours and logos. We could almost guarantee that these planes will be delivered to different continents of the planet. Aviation and globalisation have always gone hand in hand.

Lego exposition Aeroscopia AIRBUS
Exhibition of LEGO in Aeroscopy with numerous aerospace figures.

When we arrived at the museum we found a space dedicated to the history of aviation and AIRBUS with audiovisual and even interactive materials to learn by playing. The second space, the most outstanding, is a significant collection of authentic historical aeroplanes and helicopters. We would highlight the predecessor of the Airbus Beluga XL, the mythical Concorde and the military aircraft A400M, already outside.

We show you a small sample of images, but not too many, so that your surprise when visiting it is greater! πŸ˜‰

Aeroscopia hall AIRBUS
Delivery of information leaflets for the museum and meeting point with guides.

Airbus Skylink Aeroscopia Toulouse
Aircraft transporting aeroplanes?

Pilots cabine airplane Aeroscopia Toulouse AIRBUS
You have to be a pilot to know where to start to fly! πŸ˜‰

In the middle of the route, there is a simulator to design your plane and we have not missed the opportunity. Take a look at the plane we ‘asked’ Airbus to manufacture for! πŸ™‚

Virtual design airplane Yourlocalguides
You can choose fuselage, wings, painting, name… of your virtual aeroplane

Getting to know AIRBUS and Aeroscopy better is an experience that connects with everyone since aeroplanes are part of our lives. We see them fly, we use them to travel, we dream of having one…Β  πŸ˜‰

We would like to thank AIRBUS, Aeroscopia and the Manatour agency for hosting Yourlocalguides Experience and we invite everyone to take some of the different guided tours they organize. You will like them!

Guided visit Aeroscopia bye
Aeroscopia appreciates the visit!